The Rutles 1978

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This seminal mockumentary satirizes the career of the Beatles via a fictional pop group called the Rutles. Commonly known as the "Pre-Fab Four," Barry Wom (John Halsey), Dirk McQuickly (Eric Idle), Stig O'Hara (Rikki Fataar) and Ron Nasty (Neil Innes) are a gang of mop-topped goofballs from Liverpool, England whose songs bewitch the entire world. But between hits like "Cheese and Onions" and "Doubleback Alley," the group ultimately implodes, leading to a bitter public breakup.

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"The Rutles 1978" is a satirical film that parodies the Beatles and their rise to success and eventual disbandment, following the story of the fictional band The Ruttles. The film features music and humor that will leave fans of the Beatles and comedy alike thoroughly amused. The documentary-style narrative includes interviews with fictional band members and real-life celebrities.

[00:01] This section is an introduction to the life story of the "pre-fab four" - Dirk, Nasty, Stig, and Barry, who created the Rutland sound and a musical legend that will last.
- The Rutland sound was created by the pre-fab four.
- Their first album was made in 20 minutes, and the second took even longer.
- Leggy Mountbatten, a retail chemist from Bolton, discovered them in a lunchtime disco.

[08:25] Dick Jaws signed up the Ruttles after showing Leggy the photographs and tapes of the band.
- Leggy put the band in suits, in the recording studio, and in the newspapers.
- The Ruttles' success was only a drum beat away.
- Mick Jagger first became aware of the Ruttles when they saw them on TV.

[16:44] The Rutles are in New York City and staying at a hotel where Paul Simon also stayed.
- The Rutles are England's ambassadors of musical fun.
- The show they are on is highly anticipated with people tuning in to see them.
- The Rutles' music is getting respectable critical attention.
- Sir Brian Morrison thinks they are good musically.

[25:40] Roger McGough, a Liverpool poet and member of the Scaffold, knew the Rutles during their worldwide success, while a top record executive in London turned down the band.
- Roger McGough is a Liverpool poet and member of the Scaffold, who knew the Rutles during their worldwide success.
- A top record executive in London, Brian Thigh, turned down the Rutles, claiming that guitar groups were on their way out and would never make any money in the sixties.

[33:27] Nasty's claim that the Rutles were bigger than God caused controversy and album sales skyrocketed, but it was all a misunderstanding.
- Nasty only claimed that the Rutles were bigger than Rod, not God.
- Fans burnt their albums and album sales increased.
- The tour went ahead as planned, but it was the Rutles' last.
- Bob Dylan introduced them to tea, which influenced their greatest work, Sergeant Rutter.

[41:41] The Rutles announce the formation of Ruttle Core in New York, which later faced financial troubles.
- The Rutles announce the formation of Ruttle Core as a way to help people and give them money.
- Ruttle Core faced financial troubles and was losing money faster than the British government.
- Eric Manchester denies allegations of bankruptcy and calls them rumors.

[50:22] Personal problems caused the Rutles to split up, with members getting married and engaged to foreign women and Stig being rumored to be dead.
- Dirk and Nasty got married to a French actress who spoke little French or English.
- Nasty got engaged to a German girl named Chastity, whom he met at an exhibition of broken art.
- Stig had not spoken publicly since 1966 and was rumored to be dead due to various factors.
- The Rutles were splitting up due to personal problems and were no longer singing or talking to each other.

[58:24] The legal and personal disputes among the Rutles led to the self-destruction of the band, while they released their film and album; today, they have gone their separate ways.
- At the final meeting, only 87 out of 134 legal people and accountants came out alive due to the black hole of Savile Road.
- "Let It Rot" was released as a film, an album, and a lawsuit in the midst of public bickering.
- Dirk, Stig, Nasty, and Barry sued each other, which marked a golden era for lawyers.
- Dirk formed a punk rock group with his wife, Martini, while Nasty sits with his thoughts and memories.
- Barry is a hairdresser in the Reading area, while Stig works for Air India as an air hostess.

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