Animated Soviet Propaganda: Prophets and Lessons

Category: Music
Duration: 00:09:35
One of best pieces of old school Soviet propaganda ever created, it tells a history of The USSR and how it confronted the imperialist threats and their propaganda against the first workers state in the world...

Songs in Video:
0:04 Warszawianka
0:53 Comrades, Let's Bravely March
1:39 Dark Eyes
2:35 We Are the Red Calvary
2:50 Partisan Song
3:18 ?
4:02 Our Locomotive
4:33 Invincible and Legendary(?)
4:53 Moscow in May
5:26 ?
5:57 Sacred War
6:38 ?
7:18 Shostakovich- Festival Overture
8:05 ?
8:34 Ya Zemlya
9:00 inarticulate American noises


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