Communist Country National Anthems Compilation

Category: Music
Duration: 00:44:18
00:00 Soviet Union
3:30 Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
4:30 People's Socialist Republic of Albania
5:39 Angola People's Republic
7:34 Benin People's Republic
8:47 Bulgaria People's Republic
12:34 People's Republic of China
13:23 Republic of Cuba
14:16 People's Republic of the Congo
15:06 Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
16:46 People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
17:55 German Democratic Republic
20:41 People's Revolutionary Government Grenada
21:43 Hungarian People's Republic
23:18 Democratic Kampuchea
25:48 People's Republic of Kampuchea
26:57 Democratic People's Republic of Korea
29:29 Lao People's Democratic Republic
30:52 Mongolian People's Republic
32:47 People's Republic of Mozambique
33:27 Polish People's Republic
34:17 Socialist Republic of Romania
37:33 Somali Democratic Republic
38:09 Tuvan People's Republic
40:48 Socialist Republic of Vietnam
42:28 People's Democratic Republic of Yemen
43:18 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia


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